Musketierhut klassische Ausfuehrung 54-64 cm 15 Farben

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Choose one of the 15 wool colors and specify it with your head size.

Determine your individual head circumference:

To do this, please place a measuring tape around your head where you want the hat to sit. (Usually from the forehead, over the ears to the back of the head).

Regular delivery range from 54 to 64 cm, but oversizes and undersizes are also available.
We do not manufacture from felt, but from 100% virgin wool. Therefore our hats are especially suitable for heavy use (theater, reenactment, larp, market) as well as in bad weather. We attach great importance to durability.

As a final adjustment step, the hat can be steamed from the inside with the iron (without touching the hat). This softens the hat and you can adjust it to your individual head shape.

The size will not change, but the inner shape will adapt perfectly. The same procedure will also help you to bring the hat back into shape, should someone have sat on it.



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Monokel silberfarben in Trachtenoptik mit und ohne Stärke Monokel silberfarben in Trachtenoptik mit und ohne Stärke
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Monokel silberfarben mit mattsilbernem Knopf Monokel silberfarben mit mattsilbernem Knopf
29,95 € *
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