Historisches Barett Wolle 56-64cm mit Bommel

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This historical beret form (also referred as Lutherbarett, Hanoverbarett or Nassauer beret) was worn mainly in the 15th and 16th century.
Predominantly theologians of letters and law, aristocrats, ambassadors, ecclesiastics, and persons of the royal court, wore this type of head-covering. According to historical paintings and records at the English, French and Spanish courts.
Red had been worn by persons of the church, black or a dark brown was preferred by aristocrats and co. (Which does not prevent us, as always our whole palette in 15 colors offer).

Each beret is lined inside.

We manufacture the beret in your size.

Measure your required size and and choose your favorite color. The head circumference is normally between 54-64 cm. We also produce smaller and bigger sizes, please contact us.

Please note the delivery time.


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Monokel gold-messingfarben mit Kette Monokel gold-messingfarben mit Kette
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Monokel silberfarben mit schönem Knopf Monokel silberfarben mit schönem Knopf
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Jetzt auch mit Bommel Birett Jetzt auch mit Bommel Birett
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