Musketeerhat multicolored with feather

Musketeerhat multicolored with feather

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Choose your  two colors out of 15 possibilities

Then choose the color of the feather (white, red or black)

give us your head circumstance

and write it as note in your order or send us an e-mail



Specify your individual head circumference:
Put a tape measure around your head where the hat should sit. (Usually from the forehead, above the ears up to the back of the head). Regular delivery range of 54 to 64 cm, but also over and under sizes.

We do not use felt, we produce in high-quality wool in a stable, specially developed multi-layer fabric technology. Therefore, our hats are also especially for high loads (theater, reenactment, larp, market activities) and ideal for bad weather. We value longevity.

As a final matching step, you can steam up your hat with an iron. This will soften the hat and you can put it on your head so that it adapts to your head shape. The size does not change, however, the internal shape fits perfectly. The same procedure will also help to bring the hat back into shape, if something should have happened (maybe somone will sit on it, …).


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